If You Ever Litter Streets In Hong Kong..This Hi Technology Will EXPOSE You!


In the big cities, it's almost impossible to escape trash. It's everywhere: on the streets, in the subway, in the parks...but Hong Kong have found a way of tracking those littering.


The idea of tracking down the litterbugs who leave their trash wherever they please is daunting. But the scientists at the Hong Kong Cleanup Organization have found a way.

They collected a bunch of trash from the streets, such as cigarette butts and condoms. Then, the scientists used these specimens to retrieve the DNA information of their previous "owners."
Based on DNA analysis and demographic data, they managed to recreate the faces of the actual litterbugs.

....Enugu state govt, has sent some of those ESWAMA boys who hang behind their compact truck to learn this fascinating tech and start using it here...esp in Abakpa!..
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